FILM: Downtown Camera has dropped prices for all Kodak Products



Downtown Camera has dropped their prices for all Kodak products! This means that if you are an AM/FM member, the price for Kodak films and chemicals are even more attractive! Please see list below and spread the word, so we can grow our membership and continue the savings!


Japan Camera Hunter’s StreetPan film has been sold out for the past month but we, at Downtown Camera have always had it in stock and we would also like to announce a price drop on this film too. From $14.00 to $13.00 + 10% off as members or stamp. Come get yours at Downtown Camera and let people know we are well stocked. Bellamy Hunt has also announced 120 format in the works. We have asked to be contacted as soon as it is ready to sell as we want to show our support and be well stocked for our community in this format too.

We also plan on carrying the Cinestill’s Cs41 “Color Simplified” Quart Kit for Color Processing at home (C-41 Chemistry) soon. Check out their video below!