Profoto Connect


Today Profoto released the Connect unit. This little device replicates trigger functionality in a tiny little package by moving the control aspect to your smartphone thanks to a bluetooth connection. The Connect unit is perfect for someone new to the Profoto Off Camera Flash (OCF) line. It is charged via USB port and has a smaller footprint than the Air-Remote. It is very convenient when working in tight quarters.

The unit retails for $399, $200 less than any Air-Remote variation. The Profoto Connect wireless transmitter provides the same functionality as the air remote variations but moves the screen setting adjustment to your smartphone. These new Connect transmitters instantly sync with Profoto strobes and allow for power adjustment without the need to manually punch it in on the flash itself. For someone operating multiple units there are channels to adjust different power settings for each light. With three positions, simply twist the top of the unit to select, Off, Manual or TTL. In auto mode, you just point and shoot for a good exposure, because the flash power is calculated for you. And in manual mode, you can fine-tune the light either manually or via the Profoto app.

Over the past few years Profoto has been designing products with the goal of simplifying lighting. Their design language allows users to pick up and operate a new product with little to no previous knowledge of their lineup.

Mfr SKU: 901310 Profoto Connect – Canon
Mfr SKU: 901312 Profoto Connect – Sony
Mfr SKU: 901314 Profoto Connect – Nikon
Mfr SKU: 901316 Profoto Connect – Fujifilm
Mfr SKU: 901318 Profoto Connect – Olympus

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