Fine Art Printing


Fine Art Printing

As a small, independent lab, we are happy to work with you directly to accomplish any goal you have in mind. Whether it’s an epic landscape, baby’s first step, snapshot of friends or a professional gallery print, we believe a photo isn’t finished until it’s printed and shared.

At Downtown Camera photo-lab (DC lab), we utilize a colour managed workflow. It is recommended that you work on hardware with a properly calibrated monitor and use the appropriate profiles to soft proof* your image. These working conditions will allow you to better predict the final outcome of your prints.

Due to slight differences in displays, we recommend having a test print made from your file before proceeding to final print.

Paper Types and Profiles

Epson: Fine ArtEpson: Single Weight MatteEpson: Premium Semi-Matte

Soft Proofing

Soft proofing allows you to accurately predict how your image will print on our printer on the paper you select. This technique will force your monitor to render the colours of your image as if they were printing on paper stock you select.

Steps to remember when saving your files:

  • Check that the resolution is adequate for your print size (recommended resolution is from 150-300 pixels/inch
  • Save your images in RGB Color
  • Use print profile supplied under “Paper Types and Profiles”
  • If saving your files as tiffs, make sure you have flattened the image before saving (making all your layers into one layer) (Tiff and PDS transfer fee: $1.50)
Custom size printing – only for 44 inch paper stock Next day 3 days
The First foot (12 inches) $63.00 $53.75
Per linear inch $4.40 $4.40

Business Banner price list

Printed on Single Weight Matte – 120 gsm

Next day
11×14 $11.99
12×18 $14.99
17×22 $21.99
20×24 $24.99
22×30 $29.99
24×30 $39.99
24×36 $49.99

Panoramic Prints price list

Up to 6 inches Econo
4-16 inches long $8.00
17-20 inches long $10.00
21-26 inches long $12.00
7 to 12 inches Econo
16-24 inches long $36.00
25-36 inches long $50.00
Protective Coating
Fine Art Protective Coating up to 16 x 24 $ 10.00
Fine Art Protective Coating up to 24 x 36 $ 15.00
Fine Art Protective Coating up to 44 x 44 $ 20.00
Fine Art Protective Coating up to 44 x 74 $ 30.00