AgfaPhoto CTprecisa 100 Color Transparency Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures)


  • Daylight-Balance Color Transparency Film
  • ISO 100/21° in E-6/AP 44 Process
  • Faithful, Natural Color Reproduction
  • High Sharpness and Fine Grain
  • Maintained Detail Rendition

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AgfaPhoto CTprecisa 100 Color Transparency Film is daylight-balanced and exhibits natural color reproduction along with a fine grain structure to render imagery cleanly and clearly. It has a medium-speed nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21° when processed in E-6 or AP 44 processes. This film’s neutral color balance, along with high sharpness, make it ideally suited for use in everyday conditions, including both bright sunlight and full shade conditions.

This item is one 36-exposure roll of 35mm (135) film.

Package Weight 0.1 lbs
Package Dimensions 2.3 x 1.45 x 1.3 in
Film Format


Number of Exposures


Film Type

Color Transparency

Film Speed


Color Balance


Film Processing


Film Base

Acetyl Cellulose

Number of Rolls


Layer Thickness

120.0 µm


RMS= 10


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