Dot Line GearBox 2 Accessory Cage


  • Handheld or Tripod Mount DSLR Cage
  • Two 15mm 8″ Long Threaded Rods
  • Rubber-Grip Handles
  • Numerous 1/4″ Threads
  • Nine Pass Through Holes
  • Bottom Cutout for Battery / Media Card
  • Non-Slip Camera Support Pads
  • 1/4″ Camera Mounting Screw with Knob

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The Dot Line GearBox 2 Accessory Cage is for small cameras and DSLRs and can be handheld or tripod mounted. An adapter holds two 15mm rods at the bottom of the cage and features three 1/4″ threads underneath for mounting tripods. The adapter attaches to the bottom by four included screws. The rods are 8″ long and female-threaded on both ends for further extension. You can attach a follow focus and matte box onto the rods. The cage itself is made up of a cheese plate on top, one on the bottom, and rubber-grip handles on the sides.

The top plate has fourteen 1/4″ accessory mounting threads and nine pass-through holes. The bottom plate has five 1/4″ threads and also has a cutout for the battery or memory card door that most cameras have on their bottoms — accordingly, you won’t need to remove your camera from the cage to change a battery or card. On the top surface of this bottom plate, where you would attach your camera, you’ll find two non-slip pads that will better support the bottom of the camera. A 1/4″ screw with a red knob on one end comes included for attaching the camera. The screw fastens from underneath the cage.

Package Weight 2.75 lbs
Package Dimensions 11.3 x 7.2 x 3.3 in
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

11.3 x 7.2 x 3.3″


Metal black anodized CNC plates

Package Weight

2.75 lb

Rod Length

8″ (20 cm)


2 lb (.9 kg)


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