Film Photography Project B&W super positive (ISO 0.8) 135- 24


FPP BW Super Positive film is a low contrast,  super-low iso BW slide film fresh and direct from the Film Photography Project.

This film will produce a BW positive slide when processed in standard BW chemistry!

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Why was this film made?

This film in real life this film is a Dactylographic film, used in the study of finger prints!

HOW DO I SHOOT iso 0.8? 

If you are not using a hand-held light meter, dial iso 25 into your camera’s light meter. Once you expose for iso 25, open up your lens 5 f-stops (or lower shutter speed) for iso 0.8.

Notes from FPP’s Michael Raso – “When shooting such (an incredible!) low asa, I shoot in daylight with my lens fully open at about 1/10th or 1/15th sec. I highly recommend the Gossen Luna Pro F light meter. It dials down to iso 0.8.”

How to Process? Standard developers will work fine. Michael’s image was processed in Kodak D76 > 68 degrees > 6 minutes.


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