Ilford Multigrade IV RC DeLuxe Paper (Glossy, 8 x 10″, 25 Sheets)


  • For Traditional Black & White Printing
  • Resin Coated Base
  • Glossy 1M Surface Finish
  • Delivers Seven Full Grades of Contrast
  • Medium Weight, 190 gsm
  • Cool-to-Neutral Color, White Base Tint
  • Can Be Processed in Trays or via Machine

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A versatile paper for general black and white enlargements, this box of 25 sheets of 8 x 10″ Multigrade IV RC DeLuxe Paper from Ilford features a glossy 1M surface finish that is smooth and reflective in order to achieve noticeably deep black tones and a long tonal scale. Its bright white base tint delivers a cool-to-neutral image color, and it responds well to select toners, especially selenium, for increasing the effective print lifespan. As a variable contrast paper, it responds to seven full grades of contrast during printing, when using multigrade filters, and it is suitable for printing both conventional black and white negatives as well as chromogenic black and white negative films. Additionally, the paper can be processed using standard black and white chemistry in either trays or using machine processors.

Package Weight1.1 lbs
Package Dimensions10.8 x 8.8 x 0.7 in
Paper Type


Base Type

Resin Coated / Medium Weight

Basis Weight

190 gsm

Surface Finish






Exposure Latitude

R180 – R40



Paper Handling

Amber, Brown Filter (15 W Bulb)


25 Sheets


8″ / 20.3 cm


10″ / 25.4 cm


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