Kentmere Select Variable Contrast Resin Coated Paper (8 x 10″, Glossy, 100 Sheets)


  • Rapid Speed Emulsion
  • Excellent Saturation
  • Bright Whites

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Kentmere 8 x 10″ Select Variable Contrast (VC) Resin Coated (RC) Paper is a professional quality resin-coated, medium-weight, variable contrast paper designed for use by the most discriminating photographers.

This is an excellent paper for both amateur and professional use. The smooth, even tones as well as the ease with which it prints will please you.

  • Features cool, crisp sparkling prints
  • Prints about 1-stop faster than most other papers – Saves about half the printing time
  • Works with Ilford MG filters grades 00-5
  • Responsive to various toning procedures
  • Available in Glossy & Fine Luster surfaces
Package Weight 3.4 lbs
Package Dimensions 10.866 x 8.819 x 1.339 in

Medium weight, The paper is 190 g/m 2 coated on both sides with 40 g/m 2 of polyethylene giving a base weight of approximately 270 g/m 2 , and a thickness of approximately 245 µm

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

10.866 x 8.819 x 1.339″

Base Type

Resin Coated


Variable, grades 00 to 5 is achievable from VC Select by means of contrast filters used in the enlarger


Deep, rich, neutral blacks, excellent tonal separation and crisp whites

Package Weight

3.4 lb

Safelight Compatibility

VC Select has an orthochromatic emulsion; this requires a dark orange/brown or red safelight to be used. Box/lantern type safelights using glass filters should only be used with a 15W bulb or less and should be positioned at least 1 meter from the paper. Filters which are suitable for use with VC Select are: Kodak OC or 1A, and Ilford 902

Process Type

Black and white chemistry

Surface Finish



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