Peak Design Anchor Connectors for Peak Design Straps (4-Pack)


  • Four Loop Connectors, Attach to Straps
  • Anti-Abrasion Dyneema Cords
  • Each Anchor Withstands Over 200 lb
  • Third Generation with Thinner Cords
  • Angled Shape for Easy Connection

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This set of Anchor Connectors from Peak Design is composed of four loop-type attachments that fit onto the ends of any Peak Design strap to provide support for your gear. This is the third generation of connectors, featuring a thinner loop cord that is able to fit through smaller camera eyelets and equipment lugs, expanding the compatibility of your strap.

Each anchor features a thermoplastic-overmolded head with an angled shape so you can easily pop it in or out of the strap attachment, as well as anti-abrasion cords made of Dyneema that are durable and avoid scratching your equipment. A single connector can support over 200 lb of weight, making it safe for use with nearly any type of camera gear. Place these connectors on your cameras, binoculars, compasses, or water bottles so that you can quickly attach and detach them while you are out on the field.

Package Weight 0.1 lbs
Package Dimensions 2.8 x 2.7 x 0.7 in

Cord: Dyneema, 2-layer anti-abrasion woven thermoplastic cord Disk: Thermoplastic overmolding

Attachment Method


Head Diameter

0.67″ (17 mm)

Cord Length

1.7″ (4.3 cm)


0.07 oz (2.0 g) each


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