Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector


  • Mfr# 100793
  • Adjustable 40-80° Beam Angle
  • For B1X, B1, D1, or D2 Flash Heads
  • +1.8 Stops Light vs Built-In Reflector

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Recommended for use with B1X and B1 OCF flashes and D1 and D2 flash heads, the OCF Magnum Reflector from Profoto allows you adjust the beam angle of these lights from 40 to 80 degrees by moving the reflector back and forth along the body of the light. Great for long-throw use, the highly reflective modifier actually boosts the output 1.8 stops. The OCF Magnum Reflector ships with its own protective case.

Beam Angle

Variable 40-80°


Diameter: 8.26″ (210 mm) Depth: 6.0″ (150 mm)


Profoto B1, B1X, B2, D1, and D2 flash heads

Power Usage

Max. 1000Ws flash, max. 300 W modeling light


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