Ultrafine ISO 400 Black and White Negative Film (135mm Film, 36 Exposures)


  • Fine Grain Black-and-White ISO 400 Film
  • Wide latitude, excellent in all standard Developers
  • Extreme Sharp Detail

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Xtreme 400 is a high speed, medium contrast film allowing for exceptional utilization in action and sports photography and also an outstanding selection for general purpose photography. With a standard rating of ISO 400, it provides negatives exhibiting incredible sharpness and yet retains a fine grain under a myriad of lighting conditions. Xtreme 400 was designed to react vigorously to push processing and film speeds up to EI 1600/33 are easily achievable with X-tol type developers, maintaining nice shadow detail and perfectly scaled mid-tones, while still maintaining grain structure. The Ultrafine Xtreme film family is yet another example, of Photo Warehouse’s undying commitment to traditional photography.

Package Weight0.1 lbs
Package Dimensions2.3 x 1.5 x 1.3 in
Film Format


Number of Exposures


Film Type

Panchromatic B&W Negative

Film Speed

ISO 100

Film Processing

Standard Black and White Chemistry

Film Base

Cellulose Triacetate

Number of Rolls


Layer Thickness

125.0 µm


110 lines/mm (At Contrast 1000:1)


RMS = 13.5


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