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More power of small Profoto B10 Plus

Profoto has introduced a second B10 to their line up with the addition of the Profoto B10 Plus. It’s twice as powerful as the B10, and ten times more powerful than a speedlight. With a size no bigger than a long camera lens, it is easy to bring anywhere. You can shoot video with the […]

Article, profoto

Profoto A1X Annoucement

The A1X is every inch a Profoto light – just smaller. Its round head delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. And it’s incredibly easy and to use, with superfast recycling and a long-lasting battery, so you’ll never miss a shot. On the move, shooting on-camera or off, this is […]


Profoto B10

Who is the B10 for? The B10 is designed for a highly mobile professional photographer or videographer with it’s strengths coming through most clearly in situations where an individual needs to travel lightly but also needs a quality lighting solution for on-site work. Strengths of the B10 For the range of functionality it offers right […]

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Save the date because Downtown Camera invites you to an unforgettable New York trip from Oct 26th to 29th. Experience the bustling streets of the Big Apple in the fall season where we will check out the latest photography gadgets at Photoplus International Expo, do a private city photo-walk and visit our friends at Leica […]


PROFOTO: Profoto TTL and HSS now for Fujifilm

Profoto today announces collaboration between Profoto and Fujifilm to offer optimized compatibility between Profoto flashes and Fujifilm cameras. When the unique Profoto AirTTL was first announced in November 2013, it revolutionized the photography industry by enabling a lean workflow and making it possible to seamlessly merge your camera with your flash. Now we are proud […]