Warranty Information


Extended Warranties

Downtown Camera now offers CPS extended warranties on cameras, lenses and flashes at very affordable rates (Call for rates or more details).
Warranty is available through CPS (Consumer Priority Service) at CPSCentral.com but must be purchased at Downtown Camera within 10 days of original invoice date.
Warranties are available in two forms:

  1. Basic extension of original manufacturer’s warranty at additional cost for up to 5 years.
  2. Superior accidental warranty (in addition to extending the manufacturer warranty, it also covers accidental impact or liquid damage) at additional cost for up to 5 years.

Extended warranty costs vary according to the value of the equipment before taxes (see sample table below).
Please call us during business hours for a quote if you are interested in purchasing any extended warranties with your equipment or if you have any questions and a member of our sales team will be able to assist you.


CAMERA (3-Year Accidental Warranty)
$0.01 – $500.00DCM3500A$75.99
$500.01 – $1000.00DCM31000A$101.99
$1000.01 – $3000.00DCM33000A$183.99
$3000.01 – $6500.00DCM36500A$279.99
$6500.01 – $10000.00DCM310000A$475.99
CAMERA (5-Year Accidental Warranty)
$0.01 – $500.00DCM5500A$101.99
$500.01 – $1000.00DCM51000A$147.99
$1000.01 – $3000.00DCM53000A$309.99
$3000.01 – $6500.00DCM56500A$418.99
$6500.01 – $10000.00CUSTOM$CALL
CAMERA (3-Year Extended Warranty Only)
$0.01 – $500.00DCM3500$45.99
$500.01 – $1000.00DCM31000$59.99
$1000.01 – $3000.00DCM33000$99.99
$3000.01 – $6500.00DCM365001$147.99
$6500.01 – $10000.00DCM310000$245.99
CAMERA (5-Year Extended Warranty Only)
$0.01 – $500.00DCM5500$59.99
$500.01 – $1000.00DCM51000$81.99
$1000.01 – $3000.00DCM53000$170.99
$3000.01 – $6500.00DCM565001$224.99
$6500.01 – $10000.00CUSTOMPlease Call Us.

Used Camera Warranties

Downtown Camera offers a 60 day warranty on all our used equipment (excluding consignment equipment and items sold “AS IS”).

The warranty is 60 days from date of purchase and covers any mechanical problems the products may have that is not as a result of force/impact/user error/accidents.
All consignment equipment has a 10-day exchange policy only. Downtown Camera does not warranty consignment items.

Customers are asked to please be sure that the products you wish to order are the right ones.

Please note:

ALL SHIPPING COSTS OF PRODUCTS back to Downtown Camera are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping must be pre-paid or item will be refused.

All warranties for any product are the warranties provided by the manufacturer, and are subject to the terms and conditions stated by that manufacturer. Downtown Camera offers additional warranties outside of the manufacturer from CPS. Please see below or contact us for details.

As all warranties are those supplied by the manufacturer, Downtown Camera takes no responsibility for any decisions made by the manufacturer regarding any warranty claim.
Downtown Camera sells all new merchandise with full Canadian warranties. The warranties will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so please check your warranty cards for the length of coverage you have on your camera.

The manufacturer requires customer to supply a copy of the original receipt before the repair can be processed by their service department. Please do not lose your original receipt & warranty cards.

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